Dolphin Pool Cleaner - User's Guide

Dolphin Dolphin

Use the MyDolphin™ Plus IOT mobile app

Use the MyDolphin™ plus IoT mobile app

Please download the Maytronics MyDolphin™ Plus app to your mobile smart device from either Google Play for Android or the Appstore for iOS.

The Maytronics MyDolphin™ Plus app is cloud-connected, enabling control from anywhere at anytime, with real-time connectivity.

Getting Started with the MyDolphin™ Plus App

The app is compatible with the following smart devices:

  • Apple (iOS) – version 10 and up – iPhone, iPad, iPod
  • Android – version 5 and up operating system

  1. Make sure your mobile smart device (phone/tablet) is connected to your home/pool Wi-Fi® network.
  2. Make sure you have your Wi-Fi® network name and password in reach.
  3. Ensure Bluetooth® is enabled on your smart device.
  4. Android users - please make sure your GPS and Location Services are ON.
  5. For iOS 13 only - while the app is working, enable Bluetooth® & location.
  6. Please make sure your router is on 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi® frequency only.

Prepare the Pool Cleaner for Connection

  1. Connect the Pool Cleaner to the power supply.
  2. The connectivity LED light indicator on your power supply will start flashing blue.
  3. Place the Pool Cleaner in the water.
  4. Press the ON button on your IoT power supply, to start the Pool Cleaner.

Activate the Pool Cleaner Using your Mobile Smart Device

  1. Activate the MyDolphin™ Plus app.
  2. Click Agree and allow all the required permissions.
  3. Sign up by creating an account or use your Gmail/Facebook accounts.
  4. Scan the QR code located on the side of the power supply.
  5. Alternatively, press "Search for your robot manually" to pair with your Pool Cleaner.
    The app will start pairing with your power supply.
  6. Wait for the steady blue connectivity LED light and a success message in the app.
  7. Connect to your home/pool Wi-Fi® network.
  8. Enter the password of your home Wi-Fi® network, and press CONTINUE
    After a short while, your power supply will flash green and blue.
  9. Wait for the steady green connectivity LED light and a success message in the app.

NOTE: Please make sure to fill in the Warranty details and name your Dolphin Pool Cleaner.

LED Lights

Connectivity LEDs

Connectivity LEDs

The connectivity LED light on the power supply has several modes:

  1. Flashing blue light - waiting for Bluetooth® connection.
  2. Steady blue light - connected via Bluetooth®.
  3. Flashing green light - power supply is trying to connect to your home/pool Wi-Fi® network and cloud, or a weak internet signal.
  4. Steady green light - power supply is now connected to the Wi-Fi® network and to the cloud.
  5. Alternating blue and green light - power supply is connected via Bluetooth® and trying to connect to your home/pool Wi-Fi® network & cloud.

On/Off LEDs

On/Off LEDs
  1. Flashing green light - waiting for the next operation (delay mode or weekly timer).
  2. Alternate blue/green/red lights – program updating remotely.
    Please wait until process is completed.
  3. Steady red light – fault. Refer to troubleshooting.


  • If the app is stuck on the same screen for over 2 minutes, close the app and re-open it.
  • To test your Wi-Fi® signal strength and quality, play a video via your smart device browser.

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