Dolphin Pool Cleaner - User's Guide

Dolphin Dolphin

How to use the remote control

* for specific models only

The remote-control unit offers two operation modes:

  • Automatic mode - cleaning parameters can be changed
  • Manual Drive mode - motion can be controlled manually

Getting Started with the Remote Control

  1. If the Pool Cleaner is OFF, turn on the remote-control-unit and wait 2 seconds to view the screen display.
  2. Press the START icon
  3. The power supply will turn on, indicated by a blue LED light.
  4. The Pool Cleaner will start cleaning according to the selected settings.

Automatic Mode

The remote-control-unit offers two automatic operation modes:

  • Delayed Operation
  • Weekly Scheduling

In Delayed Operation mode, you can set the Pool Cleaner to clean the pool later, by pressing START LATER.

The power supply will start blinking green.
After one hour, the Pool Cleaner will start working.
If you wish to cancel the START LATER program, press again on the START LATER icon.
When the power supply stops blinking, the program is canceled.

In the Weekly Scheduling mode, you can set your own cleaning program.
You can choose if you want to clean your pool every two days or every three days.
  • To clean your pool every 2 days, press
  • To clean your pool every 3 days, press
  • The scheduling program is valid for one week only.

Manual Drive Mode

You can use the Manual Drive mode to control how your Dolphin Pool Cleaner navigates around the pool.

  • If the robot is ON – Turn on the remote, press the mode selector, and use the direction control arrows to control the movement of the robot around the pool.
  • If the robot is OFF – Turn on the remote and wait for 60 seconds until the self-test is completed.
    Press the mode selector and use the direction control arrows to control the movement of the robot around the pool.

NOTE: If the signal bar is blinking or you have lost connection with the power supply, it could be due to one of the following reasons.

What's wrong What To Do
The power supply isn't plugged in Plug in the power supply
The remote-control is not in range Move closer to your power supply
The remote-control isn't paired with your robot Make sure the remote control is OFF. Attach the remote-control unit to the power supply.
Press simultaneously on both right and left direction control arrows until you hear two beeps, and the power supply shows a steady blue connectivity LED

In case of difficulties operating the remote-control unit, try to repeat the above steps or contact our Customer Care team.

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