Dolphin Pool Cleaner - User's Guide

Dolphin Dolphin

placing the pool cleaner in the pool

If your Pool Cleaner is equipped with brushes that contain sponges, dip the brushes in the water and squeeze them so that they will absorb water the first time you use the  Pool Cleaner, or if the brushes have dried out between uses.

Release the Pool Cleaner and let it sink to the floor of the pool.
Make sure that the floating cable is free of any obstructions.

To avoid kinks in the floating cable, place approximately enough cable in the water for the Pool Cleaner to reach the farthest corner of the pool.

Place the robot pool cleaner in the pool and release itSwitch the power supply on




Turn the power supply ON.
The Pool Cleaner will now operate until it has reached the end of the cleaning cycle.


Robot Indicator Lights- For eligible models only

Light Indication
Blue blinking Normal operation of the Pool Cleaner
Green blinking Remote-Control or Smartphone communicate with the Pool Cleaner

Led indicator

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