Dolphin Pool Cleaner - User's Guide

Dolphin Dolphin

placing the pool cleaner in the pool

Place the Robotic Pool Cleaner in the pool. Release it and let it sink to the floor of the pool. Make sure that the floating cable is free of any obstacles.

Place the robot pool cleaner in the pool and release it




Connecting the robot to your smart device (Phone or tablet)

Please follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the MyDolphin™ Plus App to your smart device (phone or tablet) from Google Play or the App Store.App Store Google Play
  2. Activate Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® on your smart device (phone or tablet).
  3. During the initial connection to the robot, the smart device must be connected to your home Wi-Fi® network.
  4. Activate the MyDolphin™ Plus App on your smart device.
  5. Scan the QR code on the side of the power supply, and follow the instructions. After completing the set-up, you will have access to advanced features, troubleshooting tips, and additional programming options.

Operating the Robotic Pool Cleaner without using your smart device

Press the power button to turn the robot ON. The Robotic Pool Cleaner will now operate until it has reached the end of the cleaning cycle.

Press the power button to turn the robot ON.

Robotic Pool Cleaner indicator lights

Light Indication
Blue blinking Normal operation of the Robotic Pool Cleaner
Green blinking Remote-Control or Smartphone communicate with the Robotic Pool Cleaner
Red constant Robot error. Check the Troubleshooting section for solutions. If none of the solutions solve the issue, contact your dealer to check the Robotic Pool Cleaner.

Led indicator

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