Dolphin Pool Cleaner - User's Guide

Dolphin Dolphin

Using the remote control

Remote Control UnitThe Remote Control Unit (RCU) offers two operation modes - Automatic mode and Manual direction mode.

In Automatic cleaning mode, In automatic mode, the cleaning parameters can be changed.

In Manual direction mode, the robot’s motion can be controlled manually.

Manual Direction Control Mode

  1. Press the On/Off button once. The remote control will start in manual direction control mode.
  2. Use the direction control arrows (see right) to control the movement of the robot around the pool.
  3. To exit the manual direction control mode, press the Manual/Automatic select button once only.

Setting the Automatic Mode

  1. press the Manual/Automatic Selection button ONCE only.
  2. The Digital screen will light up and the two (regular/fast) icons will show up.
  3. To choose regular or fast cleaning cycle use the right or left arrows.
  4. When you reach the required function press the Set/OK button.
To Change the Automatic Mode settings First press the Manual/Automatic select button, then set according to the following table:
Cleaning cycle indicator

Cleaning cycle indicator

This determines the length of the cleaning cycle.

Cleaning cycle indicator - Fast


2-hour cycle

Cleaning cycle indicator - Efficient


3-hour cycle for
everyday use.
(default setting)

Cleaning cycle indicator - Heavy duty

Heavy duty

4-hour cycle

Delay time indicator

Delay time indicator

This determines when the pool cleaner starts to work. Delaying allows the dirt to settle to the bottom of the pool.

Immediate startImmediate start (Default setting) One-hour delayOne-hour delay Two-hour delayTwo-hour delay  
Standard Floor and wall cleaning

Cleaning action indicator

Allowing you to choose from the following options.

Standard Floor and wall cleaning


Floor and wall cleaning.(Default setting)



Stronger suction and slower movement.(floor and wall)

Floor only

Floor only

Cleans only the floor and the area where the floor and walls meet

Walls only

Walls only

Cleans walls and waterline only








  • When choosing the fast cleaning cycle the pool cleaner will not climb walls.
  • After 2 minute if no button is pressed, the Remote Control Unit will shut-down and the Pool cleaner will continue to work in the previous settings.
  • When the "Ultra-Clean" and "Walls Only" options finish their cycles, the Pool Cleaner will return to default settings.


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