Dolphin Pool Cleaner - User's Guide

Dolphin Dolphin

warnings and cautions


  • Use the originally supplied power supply only
  • Ensure the electrical outlet is protected by a Residual Current Device (RCD/GFI) with a fixed rated residual current not exceeding 30mA.
  • Keep the power supply out of standing water
  • WarningsPosition the power supply at least 3.5m/12ft away from the edge of the pool
  • Do not enter the pool while the Pool Cleaner is working
  • Unplug the power supply before servicing


When not in use store the Pool Cleaner on the Caddy in a shaded area.

Use the Pool Cleaner in the following water conditions only:

Chlorine Maximum 4 PPM
pH 7.0-7.8 PPM
Temperature 6-35°C / 43-95°F
(below 15°C / 59°F climbing performance may be affected)
NaCl Maximum = 5000 PPM


Motor protection: IP 68
Minimum depth: 0.8 m | 2.66 ft
Maximum depth:   5 m | 16.4 ft
Digital Power supply
Input: 100-125 AC Volts / 200-230 AC Volts 240v
50-60 Hertz

Output: <30 vdc
IP 54IP 44
Digital Power supply
Input:100-250 AC Volts 240v
50-60 Hertz
180 Watt
Output: 30 VDC
IP 54IP 44
The communication is at 2.4GHz frequency (for BLE and for Wi-Fi® where applicable).
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